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Where does the word espresso come from?

Espresso comes from its Latin root meaning “under pressure” and it is referred to the high pressure of the water that flows through the coffee accelerating the brewing process.



Where does the term cappuccino come from?

The Capuchin friar’s habit resembles the peak of foam on top of the popular espresso drink we now call a cappuccino. The Capuchin Order of Friars was instrumental in returning Catholicism to Reformation Europe in the 16th century. Their name Capuchin derived from their long, pointed cowls, or cappuccinos, that were a part of their habit. The color of the cappuccino beverage also resembles the color of the Capuchin friars’ habit.

How many espresso beans are required to make one espresso?

It takes about 42 espresso coffee beans to produce a single shot of espresso.

How long does it take for a coffee tree to reach maturity?

A coffee tree typically reaches maturity in about 5 years.

How many pounds of coffee beans will a typical coffee tree produce in an annual crop?

A coffee plant typically yields about one pound of coffee each year.

How many cups of coffee are consumed each year in the world?

About 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year.

How many coffee cherry (fruit) are required to produce one pound of roasted coffee?

It takes about 4,000 coffee beans to make one pound of roasted Arabica Coffee, and since there are two beans in each cherry it takes 2,000 cherry.

What is the caffeine limit in an athlete’s bloodstream in the Olympics, beyond which the athlete will be banned from competing?

12 microgram and it takes about 5 cups of coffee to reach that level.

While wine is said to have about 400 distinct flavor characteristics, how many does coffee exhibit?

Coffee has 800 distinct flavor characteristics, and these are largely affected by the plant’s genetics (e.g., botanical cultivar) as well as the soil quality and drainage, climate, altitude, and harvesting, processing, and coffee roasting methods.

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