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The history of coffee

For us Westerners coffee is three hundred years old, but in the East it was widespread as a beverage, in every level of society, since earlier times. The first definite dates go back to 800 b.C.; but [...]


Coffee Varietals

VARIETALS is a botanical term describing forms and selections of coffee plant varieties that are derived either through natural selection or through selective breeding (for specific genetic traits) re[...]


Coffee Cherry and Tea

A coffee cherry is the fruit, or berry of the coffee tree, growing in clusters along the plant's short stems. Description of a Coffee Cherry A coffee cherry typically measures about 6/10-inch (1.5 c[...]


Components of Coffee Taste

A coffee's flavor describes the overall and combined sensations/perceptions of the coffee's distinctive aromatic and taste characteristics, the fusion of body, acidity, aroma, bitterness, sweetness, a[...]


Coffee Processing

By coffee processing we refer to the different methods of drying the coffee after the harvest. The most common techniques for specialty coffee are Washed, Honey and Natural Processing.   Washed Pro[...]


Roasting Coffee

Roasting coffee is the process of heating/cooking/drying coffee beans in a coffee roaster in order to transform the physical and chemical properties of the green coffee beans so the desired flavors an[...]


Coffee brewing methods

According to the legend, an Arabian shepherd from the actual Ethiopia found his goats jumping from one bush to another, grazing on the bright red cherries. He wondered if the red cherries were the sou[...]


Health Benefits of Coffee

Much has been said and written about coffee, but with modus in rebus it is a very healthy drink. It is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can improve your health. Studies show that[...]


Coffee Hat TIPS

CLEAN YOUR MACHINE AND WARM UP YOUR CUP FIRST Clean your single serve machine pouring water without the capsule before brewing your coffee. This will ensure you will enjoy your coffee at its best and[...]



Where does the word espresso come from? Espresso comes from its Latin root meaning “under pressure” and it is referred to the high pressure of the water that flows through the coffee accelerating the[...]

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