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"A contemporary interpretation of the most exclusive and unique scents of coffee"

Believing that simplicity is the ultimate luxury, Coffee Hat was born with a clear mission: to deliver the finest specialty coffees with a cosmopolitan brewing approach and in line with our modern lifestyles.

We dedicated our journey to scouting out the rarest and most exclusive coffee beans for our passionate and demanding clients. On this errant quest we found out Boquete, Republic of Panama, an enchanted escape facing Volcan Baru, and known for its Eternal Spring.

From the gardens of this Central American Eden, we are please to introduce to our clients Finca Lerida. In this unique coffee estate, established in 1929, winner of several International Quality Coffee Awards (including: 2003 - # 1 The Boston SCAA contest, best coffee in the world out of 118 entries), farmers of wisdom naturally grow at 1800m a.s.l. some of the most excellent arabica beans.

Three vital factors influence the quality of our coffee: the soil, the micro-climate, and the particular genetics of the varieties.

The adventure goes on.

Coffee Hat, passionate about coffee.



The Brand: a message from the Founder

The brand Coffee Hat comes from the combination of the founder's passion for the iconic sombrero, the Panama Hat, and the extraordinary coffee of the Central American country.

The logo resembles in fact a fusion between the Panama Hat and the shape of the coffee capsule.

The single-serve capsule represents the synthesis of the three values of Coffee Hat: Excellence of aromas, Genuineness of the coffee beans and Convenience of brewing. Our commitment is to deliver the finest specialty coffees with a cosmopolitan brewing approach, in line with our modern lifestyles, at the touch of a button, time after time, after time.

In our ongoing research to develop the ultimate brewing solution, we strive to bring to your cup the greatest flavours and aromas of our specialty coffee collection. In this experimental design process, we are dedicated to developing a 100% compostable (not just biodegradable) capsule, knowing that “we should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there” (cit. Kettering).


A patented water distribution element inside the capsule allows the best extraction of the coffee. Each detail of the capsule is designed to obtain the best possible brewing with single serve machines, even when that might result in accepting aesthetic compromises. Byzantine church architecture looks plain from the outside but contains intricate mosaics and decorations inside, calling to mind the juxtaposition between the inner and outer self of the human person. In a like manner our capsules may appear simple from the outside, but they contain the most exclusive coffee beans and precise engineering to enhance all of the coffee notes in the cup.

We hope you will share our passion for discovering unique coffee estates, and indulge yourself with new hedonistic experiences.

Coffee Hat, passionate about coffee.


We believe in simplicity as the ultimate luxury and we accordingly translated our philosophy into three precise values.

simbolo bene male piccola


Coffee Hat is a premium luxury brand synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication. Sir Isaac Newton said: <<If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants>>. With that in mind we sought an equilibrium between the coffee growing expertise of small farmers and the state of the art of single-serve coffee machines. We captured the volatile aromas and flavours of supreme quality coffee beans into a capsule.

raccoglitrici piccola


Coffee is our passion. We firmly believe in using only pure, natural products. Coffee Hat uses 100% natural coffee exclusively. We never add any artificial aromas or flavouring agents. Thanks to the excellent taste of the coffee beans we hand-pick, you can indulge in unique moments of pleasure.



Coffee Hat represents an uncompromising marriage between the finest quality coffee and a practical way of brewing it. Be it at home, in your office, on board of your yacht or on a jet plane... just press a button, time and time again.

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